End of 2022

Some of the KC team have collated some top tracks of 2022, taking you on a trip of this year’s highlights whilst hopefully getting you amped up for Xmas and 2023!

Listen HERE. 

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone we’ve worked with / crossed paths with this year.

From all @ KC x

Prince - Erotic City
Prince is the GOAT, so when I stumbled across a skip next to my house I was happy to find that someone had chucked out a 3 CD Prince compilation, which I’ve been playing on repeat in the car ever since.
Afriquoi - Acid attack (Hagan remix)
A packed August bank holiday for me with We Out Here and Carnival back-to-back! The good energy across the weekend was captured in Hagan’s remix of Afriquoi Acid Attack - KC 2022 summer in a song
Kendrick Lamar – Die Hard
This song was the spring anthem when I look back at this year but also reminds me of a very particular trip to Paris with my two best friends where we made some beautifully mad memories with this song in the background.
Rachel Chinouriri – All I Ever Asked
The emerging indie/R&B singer-songwriter released this gem in March and shortly after performed at the KC-produced Dr. Martens’ Great Escape stage takeover - by far one of my highlights of 2022. An incredible celebration of being properly back to live music and festivals in ‘22.
Sha Sha – Sing it Back (Remix)
KC does Beat Hotel Ibiza, I’m standing in the crowd alongside my dope colleagues, watching an amazing performance from Roisin Murphy. Stood there eagerly anticipating ‘Sing it back’ (the one song I know from her) and when she does start with those iconic lyrics “When you are ready, I will surrender, Take me and do as you will” it’s to an Amapiano instrumental…once in a lifetime stuff.
Kojey Radical ft Rexx Life Raj – Solo
The ups, the downs, and the weird bits in between but at the end of the year, my biggest takeaway is that standing on my principles is all the strength I need, even on those days I’m not okay.
LVRA - Look
LVRA played the first event of my collective, Hysteria, which took place at Peckham Audio in October. We sold out and LVRA brought incredible energy to her set. I felt so happy to have pulled off an ambitious event that people enjoyed.
Lynks - Hey Joe (Relax)
The soundtrack to one of the episodes in the content series we produced for Dr. Martens, starring Lynks, Jyoty and Hak Baker. I loved shooting this in iconic venue FOLD and felt huge pride seeing the project we had worked so hard to pull together be brought to life on set with such charisma by talent and director, Joe Wilson.
Confidence Man – Holiday
The sound of summer 2022 and one of the absolute highlights at Glastonbury this year. Unashamed good-time tunes, with dance moves to match.
Big Wett – Eat my Ass
Absolutely mad tune. Iconically dropped by KC faves @rawsilkdjs, who got everyone back in the party spirit on day 7 of Beat Hotel Ibiza.
Self-Esteem - I do this all the time
Working at Glastonbury I rarely get out to see bands on other stages but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to see former KCer Seraphina sing in Self Esteem on the John Peel Stage. My first time seeing the band and seeing Seraphina perform for a few years and it blew me away. One of those late afternoon indoor festival sets that just captures the room and by the end everyone’s singing along with inexplicably watery eyes
Michael Gray - The Weekend - Original 12-inch mix
I think Palms Trax played this at GALA but it was him dropping it at San Remo at Glastonbury on Friday night that sticks in my mind. The festival’s return had been a looonnng time coming so the Thursday and Friday had an extra special energy as the weekend actually, finally begun. Is it cheesy? Probably (!) but who’s keeping tabs?