In Conversation with Malte Evers

Where abouts are you right now?

I am in my office in Berlin. I recently moved into a new shared office with a huge garden. It is like a little oasis, very green and calm.

Tell us about what you do?

I work in PR and management, creating media awareness for brands, musicians, actors, people from the entertainment business.

Why do you do what you do?

I like communication. I like the way you can build an image by the way you communicate. I like the idea of people coming together so networking is a great part of my daily business and one of my strongest assets.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

First I wanted to work in marketing, because that’s what my Dad always did. Then I wanted to become an artist/singer but I realised that working behind the scenes is a great way to combine my passion and understanding of entertainment, with some aspects of marketing and management.

What’s the biggest risk you took that paid off?

Becoming self-employed and starting to work in the field of artist management and PR I would say.

What are your daily work habits?

Checking my to-do-list and tasks for the week. checking Instagram and some magazine websites for music, fashion, entertain and other industry related stuff. And then lots of mails and calls.

Where are you most happy?

On top of a snowy mountain! I should have become a professional skier. Maybe in my next life. Other than that, music makes me happy – so spaces where music is made make me happy. I like the atmosphere of recording studios.

What is the current feeling amongst the German events/music industry about the future?

It is a bit uncertain. I think they feel a bit left alone of the German government in terms of financial support and external plans of how / when to be able to open again. The problem is, of course, that events happen in conditions that spread the virus the easiest; lots of people, very close together. But there needs to be more financial support as some of these spaces will likely be the last to open.

What are you most excited about as restrictions start to ease?

Being able to meet my friends and hang out at a restaurant, a beer garden, a pub, going for a beer and being able to chill. Or to the cinema or a concert. In the future, to be able to leave the city for a while and see somewhere other than just Berlin. I’d love to meet my family and friends again, who live across Germany.

What was the best part of your week/weekend?

I love to take my dog to Grunewald, where you are officially allowed to let them run free. There is a lake where you can sit and enjoy the sunset, bring a bottle of wine and chill while your dog can do doggy business.

What’s the last picture you took on your phone?

A screenshot of Marlon Brando at a costume test in 1950. And the last pic I took myself is a pic of my dog at the lake bringing back his beloved sticks.

Who would you most like to share a meal with?

Somebody who could give their view and some advice on life and business. Somebody smart. Probably someone like Bill Gates or Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, somebody who can help with the pursuit for personal happiness and success, and has already seen and experienced those things on a big scale. Then somebody like Scooter Braun from a PR / Management agency dealing with A-list celebs would be great. I’d like to get to know the inside scoop on some of the made-up and constructed things like some “relationships” and stories etc. After that I would definitely be up for drinks with Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and Rihanna. What a night. I need a big table!