In Conversation with Marc Sethi

What are you up to today?

I help run an arts studio in North London, so I’ve been working on trying to save that, alongside listening to the devastating nature of world politics.

What have your daily work habits been during the pandemic?

For the most part I was filling out funding applications and financial models to save the studios, but in between I was volunteering for a couple of things, exercising, and meditating. I’ve gone full health turn around.

Has the situation affected your creativity?

Actually, I think it’s helped a bit. For the first 6 weeks I was knee deep in admin, but it’s all mellowed now and I’m pretty excited for getting into some projects. I’ve just had my first commission in, which is really hopeful, and I can see some time on the horizon for creative thinking.

What inspires you whilst spending more time at home?

Vipassana Meditation twice a day. Keeps the cabin fever at bay!

How are you feeling about a festival-free summer?

Not so bad to be honest…I was planning a festival-light year, so it was only Glastonbury and maybe We Out Here. I’m absolutely gutted for all the promoters and musicians who are out on a limb though. Can’t imagine how difficult it is trying to salvage it all.

Can you remember your first Glastonbury experience?

Yeah, surprisingly. Bits of it, anyway. 1999…we borrowed a car and drove 11 hours from Glasgow. Tried to jump the fence but my mate had a bad leg so we bought in through a hole for a tenner. Can’t remember seeing much music, but it was my biggest life adventure up until that point. Didn’t turn back…

What’s your survival tip for any first timer?

Say yes to everything. Find a buddy. Get lost (even from your buddy). Maybe not help you survive, but you’ll have a lot of fun.

What do you remember about your first encounter of the Beat Hotel?

We always used to meet outside and have a dance on the sign, but I think my big memories are from 2015 when I first came and worked. Dancing for hours on the stage, taking pics, drinking “Georgetails”, and hanging out until the sun came up. Unity, family, and a lot of love.

Which acts stand out from your time shooting for the Beat Hotel?

John Talabot in 2016 was definitely my fave…he hit my perfect spot. Also, Heidi on the Thursday night that year was also incredible. Crowds are pumped on a Thursday.

If we were at Glastonbury this year, and you had a day off, where would we find you?

Hmmmm. I wander a lot, but often find myself at The Park these days. The line-up was incredible all over, so there was going to be some heavy trekking this year

Anyone you were particularly excited to shoot?

People. I love shooting the punters…it’s the most amount of fun, and the people make Glastonbury

(If we did them) what would be on your festival rider?

My party days are long gone so this is very far from the past norm…Coconut water (which you have). Loads of fruit and veg, and a lift to and from my car…which has been promised but never manifested. One day…