Dr. Martens Presents


Drive awareness and engagement around Dr Martens’ new culture platform ‘Dr Martens Presents’ – a series of events and partnerships showcasing the brand’s support of independent subcultures


The ‘Dr Martens Presents’ series sees the brand hand over the reins to the artist, investing in their creativity and allowing them to take the lead on realising a new idea or project.  To ensure each story travelled and stayed true to the artist’s vision, we worked with a network of cultural stakeholders surrounding each artist, to help bring the idea/event to life.  

Kingdom Collective also devised a tailored PR campaign for each artist project, focusing on the scenes and talent that made each unique, and championing them through a mix of editorial features and creative partnerships.



Projects in the first six months of the campaign included; a poetry exhibition with singer Arlo Parks, the creation of a music video with London artist Shy Girl, the launch of Glasgow independent radio station, Clyde Built Radio & the backing of a female-only film fund with collective ‘Girls in Film‘. 

Kingdom Collective helped broker overarching media partnership with The Face, as well as commissioning a range of tactical partnerships, aimed at supporting the talent within the artist’s own network. Including; 



Four sold-out events across London & Scotland, garnering a total of 458M impressions across socials & media.

20+ pieces of bespoke influencer content (from 10k-500k followers), plus online and social coverage from the likes of Crack, FACT, Mixmag, Clash and the Metro.

Each collaboration was captured on film to build a content series that will look at each artist’s creative process, community and culture, with each amplified through a campaign wide partnership with The Face.