Lost Village


Kingdom Collective was tasked with creating hype and awareness for the 2023 edition of Lost Village Festival. The mission: reach wider, culturally engaged audiences beyond core electronic music press and showcase the festival’s diverse programming, from fine dining and wellness experiences to bespoke brand partnerships.



Targeted talent outreach: We identified influential social media personalities aligned with the Lost Village brand, securing them as festival guests and, in some cases, creative collaborators.

Press Trips: To generate in-depth coverage, we hosted a press trip with journalists from the outlets including Evening Standard, HUNGER and Wonderland Magazine, carving out unique feature angles with each.

In addition, we hosted relevant, high-reaching social creators who also took part in the festival’s talks programme, ‘Curious Minds’.

Trade media: We created buzz within the industry through securing trade coverage spotlighting Lost Village’s brand partnerships and drinks strategy.


Pre-event coverage that drove awareness of the festival across music, consumer and trade media.

The press and influencer trip delivered a wave of positive reviews, engaging social media coverage, and engaging talent-led feature coverage, reaching over 95.5m people in publications like Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan, Stylist, HUNGER, Wonderland, Culted, and Yahoo.