The Beat Hotel


In 2011, the organisers of Glastonbury were looking to refresh one of the festival’s highest footfall bars, next to the Pyramid Stage, and asked for a proposal to create a new concept venue.


The Beat Hotel was a hotel in Paris in the 1950s and early 60s, which became a hang-out for many of the influential Beat writers of the time including William S Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.   Together with Soulshakers and Gorilla Events, we reimagined The Beat Hotel to become a mid-century styled, hotel-inspired festival venue, serving up cocktails, food and a round-the-clock music programme.


Creative direction of venue from proposal stage to execution
Management of all music and marketing for the venue including:

  • Curation of line-up – booking, contracting and artist liaison (50+ artists and 5 days of programming per event)
  • Content creation including social assets, event photography, merch and venue brochure
  • Social media strategy and PR outreach


From 2011-2019, the Beat Hotel grew from a small bar to one of the festival’s busiest music venues, bringing top DJs from around the world to perform

  • UK Festival Award Winner
  • #1 in The Guardian’s Top Music Picks of the festival
  • #2 in Glastonbury Official Programme’s “50 Things To Do” at the festival 2016
  • Covered in festival highlights by Mixmag, Fact, The Guardian, Time Out, Crack and The Independent.